Christmas Parties and Work

PET Cake Boxes

It has been another very busy week since the last blog post and the upgrades to our data networking around the house,  On the work front I have been continuing to do some preparation for the new Cater For You web site.  With the help of SellerDeck, I finally managed to extract all of the data out in spreadsheet format to see what needs to be updated.  I thought I / we’d been thorough when adding new products – something that I think differentiates us from our competitors who just put the basics supplied by manufacturers and why we are near the top of the Google rankings… but I was wrong.  So that means I’ve a huge amount of measuring, weighing and photographing to do before February.  Unfortunately OGL who supply our finance system ProfitItplus have been incredibly unhelpful in finishing their API for data exchange, but fortunately we have a fall back option and everything is still on track for February. read more

Home Networking Upgrades

Loft 5 Amp Socket and Network Router

Loft 5 Amp Socket and Network Router

It has been a while since I’ve regularly blogged and since then, R & J have tipped over into double figures and thus heavy data and device usage.  I have the best broadband from Virgin Media at 200mbps (though on checking it turns out not the best, they now have a whopping 362mbps!) yet we were all struggling with enough bandwidth over wi-fi. read more

England Hockey Masters Final (T3) 2018

I’ve been playing hockey on and off since 1996, mostly off due to my useless body which continually gets injured.  Two years ago after a summer 1’s game at OMT we were laughing about how the youngsters were all flying past us and wouldn’t it be a good idea to (re)start the ACHC men’s Over 40’s team.  So a germ of an idea snowballed into reality and somehow I was Captain and using my (and the teams) extensive list of contacts, we set about creating a squad and entered the England Hockey Over 40’s national competition. read more

Local Chalfont St Peter Consultation for Housing

This was my response to the local proposed housing developments.  I’d thought about it for a while, but as usual left it to the last minute so maybe not quite a coherent as it should have been:

In principle, I am in favour of building new homes in the local area, although contentious, we have a surging population that needs to be housed properly and it is only right Chiltern Disctrict takes its fair share. read more

hs2 Train Steve Baker Blog Page

HS2 My Opinion

The new High Speed 2 rail network was first proposed by the Labour government in 2009 as a means of introducing additional capacity to an allegedly creaking rail network.

My original opinion was that it wasn’t required and there was plenty of capacity on existing networks and there are plenty of decent projects that could be implemented before HS2. read more

BBC License Fee

BBC License Fee Irrelevant

I was thinking about upgrading our TV the other day from our perfectly adequate 12 year old plasma TV to a much more energy efficient LED Ultra 4k HD (and other buzzwords which I need to research further) when I started to consider our usage in the house and what we actually need.  I then also thought about the BBC scrapping BBC3 and my thoughts veered towards the fact that the BBC licence fee is completely irrelevant in this modern era and should be ‘scrapped’ read more

Scrap GP’s

Chalfont Hospital

I don’t have a huge amount to do with our NHS and health care system, I am under a specialist for my Arthritis and in between bouts of hockey retirement, I pop to Mount Vernon in Northwood for the odd break or pain.  This amount of usage though is considerably more than my friends who have often gone years without visiting their local GP and have to re-register to get an appointment. read more