Why on earth would someone put up a web site dedicated to themselves – I’m not sure – is it an egotistical thing?.  This site was primarily designed to test the blog tool and see if I could post anything interesting around my work and personal interests.

Since testing the idea back in November 2003, I’m finding all my mates down the pub and customers are now avid readers of the weblog and regularly feedback information to me when I see them.  Thirteen years on and the web site is now out of date as work and family commitments take over.  The blog is maintained on an irregular basis.

This blog was established before social media which has now taken over, but for some bizarre reason you want to find out more, you can find my profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

We have two beautiful and wonderful children – Rebecca and James.

Any suggestions always welcome, happy browsing!

Andy Watts
March 2017