Prudential RideLondon 100 2019

After last year’s efforts with Cashman to cycle the 55 miles from London to Brighton and a still unresolved achilles tendonitis issue preventing me from playing hockey or running properly, I decided in a fit of euphoria to enter the ballot for 100 miles of cycling around London. read more

Work Trip to Chandigarh, India

VIew across Chandigarh from our hotel

I was recently invited by my work colleague Darren House from Trading Depot to join him on a trip to India to meet up with a prospective new web design agency for their upcoming projects. After I had gotten over my surprise at the approach he was taking, he quite rightly pointed out that the local UK web agencies that had been used were all slow and unresponsive and generally also outsourced a lot of their work abroad too, so why not evaluate whether we could achieve the same things whilst cutting out the mis-communication of a middle man. read more

Le Manoir Meal, Hockey and Wine Tasting

The first half of the week was quiet down in Eastbourne again but made up for it at the end of the week and I took one of my more amusing photos for a while.

Hockey Coaching and Watching

Before popping to Eastbourne, I resumed by hockey coaching career with Paul on Monday evening, trying to build on the previous weeks work with more basics of moving the ball, attacking and defending exercises with a game at the end. After watching a few of the player’s games recently, learning to pass the ball quickly, accurately, picking it up whilst moving, not letting it bounce of the stick straight to the opponent and knowing what to do with it all needed work! One of the first exercises was right back to basics and exaggerating the sticking of the left elbow out and up in front to teach them to dribble in front of them rather than besides their feet. Also worked on left hand strength with a game of killer in the D just using the left hand. read more

Dead Peppers, Eastbourne and Litter

Run across the Downs from Crows Link to Birling Gap

Trip to Eastbourne

Thank fully a quieter week this week as I spent the first three days down in Eastbourne to ferry my Dad to and from the hospital. The least I can do after they’ve supported me for almost 50 years. It is always good to spend time with them, though the continuous antiques programmes can become a little tedious, though I can see why they are addictive… It did mean however that I managed to get through large volumes of work just sitting there from first thing to last thing. The other thing that is good as I’ve mentioned before is that they are right on top of a hill in the Downs. I therefore had a couple of beautiful runs across stunning countryside, and was fortunate that the weather was just cold and not wet. read more

Client Visits, London and Hockey Coaching

Hockey Coaching

So I started the week with another session of hockey coaching with Paul. Again, I really enjoyed it and came away with a beaming smile. The session was tighter than the previous week and we tested the attendees with some extended basics and finishing with a game. I’m now almost certain that it is genetically impossible for anyone over 40 to cleanly reverse stick the ball whilst being second nature to the youngsters. Another common shout from me in the session was elbow out to exaggerate the dribbling to the top D. Unfortunately, i’m not able to attend the next two sessions as I’ll be down in Eastbourne with my parents. The club is very lucky (hard work by various voluneers) to have such a talented group of youngsters coming through the club and also the older generation still keen to learn and progress whilst giving support to the younger members. read more

Hockey Coaching, Playing and Work

Another busy week to keep me out of mischief, mostly working but all enjoyable and almost enough to get me out of bed on time.

Hockey Coaching

I was really excited about this. For almost the first time in 20 years I used my level 1 hockey coaching qualification. Unfortunately my good friend Mark has been long term laid up in hospital and so no longer able to coach the Monday evening Men’s session, so I volunteered along with the current Over 40’s Captain Paul to run the sessions. read more

New Year in Cawsand Cornwall

View from just outside the house we rented in Cawsand – wonderful to wake up to

We often go away with our good friends for New Year and this year was no exception. Al had found us a superb place by the seafront in a place called Cawsand in Cornwall. It is a small village on the other side of the River Taymar to Plymouth. read more