Hockey Coaching, Playing and Work

Another busy week to keep me out of mischief, mostly working but all enjoyable and almost enough to get me out of bed on time.

Hockey Coaching

I was really excited about this. For almost the first time in 20 years I used my level 1 hockey coaching qualification. Unfortunately my good friend Mark has been long term laid up in hospital and so no longer able to coach the Monday evening Men’s session, so I volunteered along with the current Over 40’s Captain Paul to run the sessions.

We did a session plan over the weekend firming up via messages and having watched the 3’s and 4’s, we wanted to bring in several key elements to the session:

  • fitness (it was the first session after Christmas!)
  • basic skills – stopping, passing, slapping
  • moving with the ball and receiving on the move
  • finishing skills (who doesn’t like shooting at the goal in practice)
  • implement these in a game
  • make it fun and non-stop, I can’t bear it when coaches talk forever

With Paul’s leadership, I thought it went well, although ragged in some areas but I will learn from that if asked to re-run the session (which we were at the weekend). I was beaming from ear to ear on the drive back from the session – probably as it also allows me to play a little bit despite being injured which I miss so much.

Working Week

Donburi Plastic Bowls

As always, a busy week (though only about 60 hours according to my timesheet), so busy in fact there was no time for a quick round of golf! Cater For You is the majority of my work these days and my current day to day activities are uploading new products, monitoring the SEO, working on the data for the new web site – the last of these is primarily making sure all the images are good enough quality. This is a huge amount of work – I did something similar for CSE when I upgraded their site finding tucked away product images that have been not been updated for 15 years. Last week’s new products included some Japanese style Donburi plastic bowls.

Other work included some consultancy for AJH Cables, there is a lot of great unique content but Marc needs to put more order into it to make it simple for his customers to find the information they are looking for. He even gets lost looking round the site! Further updates to J & J were also undertaken. I’m very pleased with the progress we’ve made on the site, visitor numbers are higher than they’ve ever been even back at the start when there was no competition.

On Thursday I had a Trading Depot board meeting which I enjoy as I get to see a much more formal, larger scale view of how to run a business with views and inputs that I wouldn’t ordinarily come across. I’m popping in for a couple of days later this month to look at some innovations and Darren is also launching his podcast series which I feature in the first ‘demo’ one – i’m not sure I want to listen to it despite his assurances I sound ok!

Also on Thurday, I went in to see an old client in Chesham – Fastbreak for a catch up. I was delighted to be asked to re-do their existing SellerDeck site (which I launched many years back) and migrate it to WooCommerce over the coming months. Following that I popped in to see someone new on Waterside, Chesham. They are a trophy engraving business, but don’t think i’ll be able to help them out with my current skill set. I do enjoy meeting new people and hopefully helped by talking through a few issues with him.

I’m also still busy migrating my portfolio of customers from Fasthosts to 20i who have been a revelation with their support. I’ve started on the trickier customers now and the .com domains are proving harder as the propogation seems to be a lot slower. The newer instances of Outlook aren’t helping either as it wants to fetch the server settings automatically rather than let me override with the new ones so I have to make a double visit where customers need assistance. Very time consuming. Three more sites moved last week.

Over 40’s Hockey & Cycling

The Over 40’s under new captain Paul Mailey (I relinquished due to my long term injury issues) played on Sunday against Old Cranleighans. We had previously played them two years ago as our first ever competitive game (since we re-started) and had gone on to compete in Tier II. This was the first game of the Tier II so we had to win. This time though we were hammered 6-0, a scoreline which I thought was completely unjustified of how well we played. We had as much possession, as many short corners, but were missing someone who stayed on the p spot with clinical finishing (Martin in my opinion who I had a drink with on Saturday evening and is not going to be playing hockey for a long time if ever). My role was to cheer lead from the side and be an emergency sub for a few minutes if required. Unfortunately, and this is precisely why I don’t go along and watch, I couldn’t resist playing and came on for the last 10 minutes. Loved every second of it, though felt another couple of years slower. Fortunately my achilles was fine the next day but I did feel it in the warm down.

I didn’t do much running last week, but did drag myself out on a cycle ride along my usual route around Ley Hill / Hawridge and back through the Heaths. After about 5 miles of the 32, my feet were like blocks of ice, the rain didn’t help morale much either. I’ve entered the ballot for the Prudential 100 and hear back sometime in February so need to get the practice in. I did try and find a new cafe that has opened in Hawridge, but obviously not that hard as I didn’t find it – turns out it isn’t open yet!


Finally have a new gig to go to – Bootleg Blondie on 20th January. The word Bootleg though is a little misleading as Clem Burke the original drummer and mainstay of the band is playing in it. Looking forward to it – at Shepherd’s Bush. I’ve also updated this site with my original Billy Idol and Human League listings – I’ve also updated my Discogs entry with my complete listings of these two.

Chalfont St Peter

Chalfont Saints at the NSE under threat

I’m still loving being in Chalfont St Peter, my Molly walks are just fabulous in the countryside surrounding the village. I’m also still trying to find the time to update the web site I currently manage. I’m rather upset though reading social media threads to see such a lot of anti social behaviour in the village, car thefts, burglaries, fly tipping and other more serious crimes (cash points being stolen!). Hopefully the community can work together to overcome these issues.

The photos to the right above is of the Chalfont Saints pitches based on the NSE. This is a thriving sporting base for the local community, but I understand the NSE are having it re-designated as brown field and planning to build houses on it in the next couple of years. This is a real loss to the community but I hope they can find alternative sites on their swathes of greenfield they own to re-locate this valuable sporting asset.

HS2 Chesham Lane

HS2 is also in full swing – the photo above shows how much they are earth moving at the moment. A very helpful security guard came and chatted to me and told me they are only there until February (which seems a bit short term) and how many lorry movements they are making – I’ve forgotten what he said already something like 20 a day maybe). The lorries are churning up that corner of the village and not sure if the road will last, it was already full of holes before they started. That whole area might have to be straightened with the shaft, NSE building and maybe linking to the Newland Park development (also now underway).

Garden Club

My new membership arrived this week. I’ve been a member for many years, my Dad is a life member and he contributed far more than I ever have. I chip in with their web site which also needs a revamp and due a beer with one of the members who manages it on a day to day basis. I did update it to SSL recently which prompted me to start the conversation. The beer will have to be non alcoholic though as i’m currently doing dry January and considering extending it further (except for significant birthdays). Speaking of my gardening, something is digging through all the external patio planters and vegetable patches which is a shame. I am still growing peppers and chillis in the greenhouse though, remarkably long growing season.