Trip to Barcelona, Spain

Popped over to Spain with my fellow Trading Depot director Darren House last week for the Magento Live conference.  Cater For You is implementing a new Magento web site hopefully by the start of next year, though integrating with our backend OGL Profitplus system will no doubt be fraught with issues.

Anyway, I decided to stay over for an extra day to have a look around some of the town before jetting back on my Easyjet flight back to Luton late on the Thursday.

First on the stop was the magnificent La Sagrada Família church, Gaudí’s designed and partly finished masterpiece.  The church was currently being worked on and was a magnificent sight. Unfortunately I wasn’t organised enough to buy a ticket to go in and look round (they were sold out) and the outside was teaming with tourists.

Once I had negotiated the tourist and maraca street vendors, I started wandering in the vague direction of the marina, taking in the look and feel of the town – it reminded me a lot of Mahon (unsurprisingly) with narrow streets and boutiques.  First off was the Arc de Triomf then I passed the Picasso museum (12 Euro to go in so passed as short on time) but did go to the free to enter El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria which has on display historic ruins of the original city and an overview of the history of Barcelona from its roots and various rulers.  Well worth popping in to see.

Barcelona Boat Show

After that, I took a short walk to the much more modern marina area where there happened to also be a boat show taking place.  Having previously visited the spectacular Southampton Boat Show, I didn’t pay to enter, but looked from afar.  Sitting on the decking outside the new waterside retail park was a great time for reflection and watching the world go by.  Sporadically a flotilla of yachts would potter pass as the walkway bridge was opened to let them out of the marina into the Med.

Barcelona Marina Decking Views

As the time approached to catch a taxi to the airport, I wandered up the Rambla and stumbled upon a great rustic market where local meats, produce and delicacies were on sale, the Mercat de la Boqueria.  There are also plenty of chances to sit and eat at the Mercat and watch as everyone bustles past.

Barcelona was great, blessed to have some great weather when I was wondering round (storms for the actual Magento conference) and well worth visiting.


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