Scrap GP’s

Chalfont Hospital

I don’t have a huge amount to do with our NHS and health care system, I am under a specialist for my Arthritis and in between bouts of hockey retirement, I pop to Mount Vernon in Northwood for the odd break or pain.  This amount of usage though is considerably more than my friends who have often gone years without visiting their local GP and have to re-register to get an appointment. read more

Renewable energy and the future

I’ve been monitoring renewable energies for a few years now – initially having my interest sparked by the blogs and other on-line communications of Robert Llewellyn. I subsequently invested in a 4kwh solar panel installation on my house last year and genuinelly belive that renewable energy is going to have a profound effect on the uk population, its finances and economic efficiency. read more

Mushrooms October 2013

Autumnal Mushrooms

Living next to the countryside we are lucky with our wildlife and tranquility.  Throughout the year we have many mushrooms appearing in the lawn before disappearing.  Here’s are few photos of the October variety: read more

Almost end of Summer Term

Wow, its almost a full school year since I last blogged.  Jamie today went to his graduation to Key Stage 2 and Rebecca will be moving up into year 5 and coming up to her 9th birthday.  Time is elapsing at such a scary pace. read more

Walk in the Woods – Buzzard

Half term this week, and I was lucky enough to have today off to be with Rebecca and Jamie.  Whilst lying in bed, I was wondering what to do with them today, however, when I finally hauled myself out and downstairs, R & J had already decided – “Can we go on a wildlife walk Daddy”.  Blimey. read more

Denham Country Park

Checked the weather forecast today and it said fine until 2pm this afternoon, so decided to explore Denham Country Park.  I’d never been there before and knew very little about it except for what is available on the web site.  It is a sister park to Black Park which we went to last week for a rather nice afternoon out (though it was packed). read more

Red Kites in the Garden

Whilst working from home last week, I suddenly noticed that there were three Red Kites swooping in and out of the garden and the woods.  They were only a few metres away and just glorious to watch.  I quickly swapped lenses on the camera and popped outside for a better view and a couple of photos.  Below are a small selection of the photos I took: read more

The Good Life!

It’s been a pretty good week topped off by some sunshine today and doing a spot of gardening. My small veg patch is well behind due to the wet weather / lack of sunshine and for the first time in 15 years no greenhouse to set things off. read more