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Spring is Springing – 3 points

Spring is Springing
Came home from Trading Depot on Thursday evening, and spring was definitely in the air – the rest of the Watts family were having a bar-b-q!!!! As you can see a disposable bar-b-q was burning brightly with chicken kebabs next to the garden rockery and the beautiful Cherry Blossom on the tree at the bottom of the garden – it really is stunning at the moment.

On Friday night I went down to the Waggon and Horses for a quick drink with John where we had a very productive board meeting – made some exciting decisions for Cater For You.
Saturday morning, my missing screws were sent by IKEA for my final CD rack – and I’m delighted to say I just had enough space for all my CD’s. So my study / working environment is just about complete with good desk and PC and all my music surrounding me – superb – just like Cross Lanes was.
Saturday afternoon I went and played another away game (seems to be all away games this year) at the beach in Slough – Herschel School against South Bucks – and we only went and bloody won it – the first points of the year in a game of hockey I’ve been involved in. We took a team photo which I’ll load up to the hitsports site later this week if I get a chance (though doubt it completely and utterly overloaded with work this week).
Saturday night I went along for Mark’s 30th birthday party in the Village Hall – after a couple wandered back down to the White Hart and then sloped off for a quick chicken kebab for the walk home – haven’t had a kebab for years and years – it was horrible!!
Sunday we decided on the spur of the moment to go to Eastbourne and see the rest of the Watts family – R & J wanted to see Grandma and Grandpa Watts and also go to the beach. They had (and I) a fabulous time. Some great photos of them on the beach with their cousins (see below. Sarah (sister) also had a look at my feet as I was hobbling a bit on Sunday and her official podiatrist diagnosis was the achilles are swollen. So came away with a few exercises to stretch the back of my legs. Just one more game though – away to Henley next week.
Rebecca and Mummy searching for Shells

Two tinkers building a sandcastle

The finished article with sea defences

Hockey and Eastbourne

Eastbourne Rock Pools
The weekend was extremely busy non-stop. Friday night was spent doing my expenses and invoicing – incredibly early for me in the month… Saturday I played hockey for the 2’s against Abingdon 1s. We won 1-0 but it was hard work – I was left half and then right half (much better) but I was working from D to D – very tired by the end of it. Very pleased to get the win though. Back home and in the bar for a few beers – and serving a few too!!

In the evening worked again for a few hours – mostly on my sister’s web site I’ve just ‘launched’. It is nowhere near finished yet, but it is good practice for Actinic V9 – my first launched site in V9. I waited for V8 to be stable but never seemed to get there and then they launched V9!! As I’ve been working with Actinic since V2 I know you have to wait a while before it is stable… In fact, I’ve been working in V9.04 all day today on another site and had a few crashes which has been rather annoying. Regular snapshot backups…anyway, I digress.

Anyway, so went down to see the Watts family on Sunday in Eastbourne. Good value as always, arrived nice and early played some games on the large lawn – though it was fairly chilly, nice roast lamb, then down to the beach to soak a few items of clothing. We had a look round the rock pools off the end of the normal beach but didn’t really find much this time – the tide was right in pretty much.

Very busy week this week with work every night – and probably not playing hockey this weekend as Katie Shaw / Shanksy’s weddding which should be a good knees up. Saying that I think I might be playing at the Windsor mixed hockey tournament on Sunday – last one (Wallingford) we cancelled so assume this one is still on…

Two Parties, The Beach all in all excellent

I had an excellent weekend last weekend. I played snooker with martin and charlie on the friday night – and I won which was even better. Then straight down to Eastbourne on Saturday morning for Harry’s birthday party at 11 – not so great I think i was caught with a mobile camera on the A23 just past Gatwick.

The party was great and we stayed there until Sunday lunchtime – we also went to the beach which R & J love doing – though it was bitingly cold.

Eastbourne Beach

Then back for Eve’s party on Sunday afternoon – they were pretty tired by the end of that though as can be seen here where they are content to look after Anna. It wasn’t the best nights sleep ever though either.

Eve's Party

The week has flown by – i’ve been covering Cater For You this week – its been enjoyable though getting back involved in the day to day business again – and its so much busier than this time last year. But i’ve been balancing that with my other work as well – did over 12 hours yesterday. The largest amount of work I can talk about is I’ve almost completed a brand new section on CK Tools on the CSE Buy online web site. I think that’ll be a rather good seller – i fancy some of the kit myself!

Still feel ok today – but next week i guess i’ll be paying!!

I’ve had loads of web site enquiries recently as well which has been a bit odd – they tend to come in flurrys though.

Playing hockey again this weekend – though not particularly looking forward to it – High Wycombe – and i’ve a hacking cough still – had it for three weeks. Might also be playing on the Sunday as well…. maybe.