Hockey and Eastbourne

Eastbourne Rock Pools
The weekend was extremely busy non-stop. Friday night was spent doing my expenses and invoicing – incredibly early for me in the month… Saturday I played hockey for the 2’s against Abingdon 1s. We won 1-0 but it was hard work – I was left half and then right half (much better) but I was working from D to D – very tired by the end of it. Very pleased to get the win though. Back home and in the bar for a few beers – and serving a few too!!

In the evening worked again for a few hours – mostly on my sister’s web site I’ve just ‘launched’. It is nowhere near finished yet, but it is good practice for Actinic V9 – my first launched site in V9. I waited for V8 to be stable but never seemed to get there and then they launched V9!! As I’ve been working with Actinic since V2 I know you have to wait a while before it is stable… In fact, I’ve been working in V9.04 all day today on another site and had a few crashes which has been rather annoying. Regular snapshot backups…anyway, I digress.

Anyway, so went down to see the Watts family on Sunday in Eastbourne. Good value as always, arrived nice and early played some games on the large lawn – though it was fairly chilly, nice roast lamb, then down to the beach to soak a few items of clothing. We had a look round the rock pools off the end of the normal beach but didn’t really find much this time – the tide was right in pretty much.

Very busy week this week with work every night – and probably not playing hockey this weekend as Katie Shaw / Shanksy’s weddding which should be a good knees up. Saying that I think I might be playing at the Windsor mixed hockey tournament on Sunday – last one (Wallingford) we cancelled so assume this one is still on…