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Grand Union Canal / Ash & Debs

No hockey this weekend, so my side may not have lost – well they probably did as most of them did loose! Sarah played and won – though their big game is this weekend again the run away leaders.

The weekend got off to a good start as on Thursday night we thought that the fireproof sheets I’d smashed up in our bedroom and fragments and sent dust flying everywhere(I discovered they were fireproof as they didn’t burn in a bonfire) might be Asbestos Insulating Board – and subsequently didn’t sleep Thurs night in our panic that we’d have to get a professional deep cleaning / remove people in. However, Sarah went to a place in Watford with a piece of it to have it analysed at a lab for £40 and was told it was Superlux – an AIB asbestos free product – what a massive relief.

Rebecca London Transport MuseumAnyway, a great weekend ensued after that with Ash and Debs and family coming down to visit us on Friday afternoon. We just stayed in on Friday night cooking a chorizo and chicken risotto (chorizo seems to be in every recipe at the moment but credit to a Mr G Brown for my inspiration for this) which was very good. Saturday morning was raining so we stayed in but when Sarah got home we tripped off to London and the London Transport Museum where we whiled away the afternoon. R & J loved it – r seems to be fascinated with maps at the moment. As always, the train trip was almost the best part of the day.

Saturday morning we went down to Harefield / Coy Carp and had a walk down the Grand Union Canal in glorious sunshine. It is such a beautiful little spot and a great haven for wildlife and just a generally relaxing walk. We managed to get back to the car just as the heavens opened with rain.

In the afternoon I (with Jamie) put up my birthday present bird feeder. I’m hoping it is squirrel proof but will soon see I suppose. So far in three days (and not being there much) i’ve seen the long tailed tits, blue tits and nut hatches. I also spotted another bird which I’m not sure what it is – a Dunnock maybe – hopefully someone can help with the ID.

I’ve just finished a web site which was genuinely interesting from a new / green technology point of view :