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Wonderful weekend

Had a fabulous weekend last weekend – went and saw the Sex Pistols who were pretty go – very loud but i’m really pleased i’ve actually seen them now. Just the Buzzcocks to go now!

Actually got to play hockey this weekend – I didn’t exactly excel though – pretty poor really – wondering whether to play this weekend or not – feeling really really tired though so probably not a good idea.

Saturday night I was pretty tired after only 4 1/2 hours sleep Fri night and hockey but went to Dan and Jenny’s engagement party which was pretty good – glad I went. Sunday Annie, Wardy and Cash popped round for a delicious Sunday lunch. Got up at 10.30 which was pretty nice – though i’m getting really bad back ache if I lie in bed now!!

James and Rebecca in the Autumn Leaves

Really enjoyed being with Rebecca and James as usual – they were very good value. We had a lovely walk on Sunday with our guests and we tried a bit of leaf clearing up on Saturday – but we didn’t get that far with it – much more fun throwing them in the air and playing with them!!