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Spring Weather

Picnic in the Spring
At last, the freezing cold winter seems to be passing, and spring is springing. A beautiful day on Sunday, so Rebecca decided that we were having a picnic outside – which was an excellent idea – I promise I wasn’t as grumpy as I look in the photo.

We were also celebrating as Rebecca had achieved a level 2 swimming certificate and moved up a class and James was very pleased to have spent a second week at Junior hockey training – Rebecca also went before swimming and enjoyed it.

As you can see, I completed the move of my greenhouse to a sunnier spot on the decking, though Sarah has ‘mentioned’ that it now blocks the view of the field from the kitchen but it is ready for spring planting (though I should have started already). I’ve also completely dug over the veg patch ready – I think I’m way ahead of schedule for once. The lawn is going to be scarified next weekend. Unfortunately the carrots I planted before Christmas received some extra close attention from R & J and are half the number now…

Still playing hockey, though frustratingly I haven’t scored for a couple of weeks, any my groin injury is getting worse – just two games left to the end of the season thank goodness.

Work has been extremely busy, but at least I’ve found a new warehouse – twice the size of the current one and higher. Web design has also been very busy especially as I’m still learning how to bespoke Actinic V9 with CSS. Launched a couple of new web sites too as well as maintaining existing customers. Things aren’t helped by the fact I’m going to have to move all my customers blog’s to a new blogging system as is stopping FTP – I’ve moved one already to a blog spot but that isn’t the best solution for SEO and smooth integration on one web site.