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Dead Peppers, Eastbourne and Litter

Trip to Eastbourne

Run across the Downs from Crows Link to Birling Gap
The Jazz arrives in Friston

Thank fully a quieter week this week as I spent the first three days down in Eastbourne to ferry my Dad to and from the hospital. The least I can do after they’ve supported me for almost 50 years. It is always good to spend time with them, though the continuous antiques programmes can become a little tedious, though I can see why they are addictive… It did mean however that I managed to get through large volumes of work just sitting there from first thing to last thing. The other thing that is good as I’ve mentioned before is that they are right on top of a hill in the Downs. I therefore had a couple of beautiful runs across stunning countryside, and was fortunate that the weather was just cold and not wet.

Eastbourne Hospital

When we popped down to Eastbourne Hospital, a few things struck me. Firstly was the litter shoved in the bushes around the car park and looked like it was from people standing around smoking. Quite astonishing. I think the litter was particularly in my mind as I had to skip the FPA’s annual environment conference up in London, always very interesting. We are lucky in that we had free parking, but apparently the parking is outsourced and in their attendant hut they have three people and a ticket payment machine so surely someone could a. pick up the litter and b. the break even of the car parking must be high and exasperate the level of car parking charges for sick people and visitors. Overall though, the service from the NHS has been nothing short of superb.

Runs Across the Downs

View between Crows Link and Birling Gap

As i’m continuing my rehabilitation back from my achilles problems over the last couple of years, it was a pleasure to get back out across the Downs and absolutely stunning countryside. I did two runs, one up towards Jevington and another to the coast and Crows Link / Birling Gap. The latter is much tougher in terms of elevation but each have stunning countryside.

Jamie trying out his new stick at a snow covered Amersham and Chalfont Hockey Club!

Jolly Farmer Meal

On Wednesday when I got back, from a green Eastbourne to a snow covered Chalfont, we popped straight out with the family and a few good friends for a meal at the Jolly Farmer in Chalfont St Peter. I’ve only had a couple of meals there since it re-opened after transforming from ‘The Village Hall’ and they’ve been superb. The service I think is something that sets it apart from similar local establishments. I had the full starter, main and pudding, delicious. I’m still doing dry January so stuck to lime and soda’s. Not sure how deep I will go into the winter with my lack of drinking, i’m quite enjoying sobriety again. I did it last year and previously for my half marathon too.

Run to Amersham

I decided to have a go at just extending my running my an extra mile, and I was unfortunately really slow and struggling. A real shame as it was a favourite run of mine a couple of years ago down by the Misbourne, through the fields and woods from St Giles to Amersham. It also means Molly can have a stroll through the Misbourne and drink at the turn. It is odd that the flow is still strong there and nothing from Chalfont St Giles. I’m afraid there was still no golf again this week, though my friend is back from holiday next week so may try and shoehorn a quick round in. I did also get my hybrid bike service at Dee’s Cycles in Amersham for a princely sum, so also hoping for a few more trips down to the canal and a bacon sarnie!

Web Work

As I alluded to above, I managed to get through a huge stack of work, even working all day Sunday again unfortunately. There was some decent updates on J & J and The Stapling Company where I popped in and took a lot of product photos and updated the layout somewhat. I’ve designed their site using the Genesis Framework on WordPress and they wanted a table layout for their product categories so bought a plug in from Barn2 Media, which unfortunately didn’t work out of the box. I was extremely grateful for both of their technical supports to guide me accordingly.

We also had the mock up of the new Cater For You web site mobile / responsive design. I think it needs more work, especially given the lowly conversion rate at the moment compared to desktop. I also sourced some eye watering quotes for hosting, but Magento is a high powered beast!

My Deanta Internal Doors blog post for Trading Depot also saw the light of day after the WordPress update I did was fixed by Darren! The V5 upgrade didn’t go quite as smoothly as others I’ve done.

Greenhouse Clearance and Switch Off

So after the last electricity bill and blaming Jamie and his Fortnite playing, I wandered into my greenhouse and it was warm…. much warmer than the snowy outside… so no wonder the peppers and chillis were still growing ok! So this Saturday I’m afraid was the big switch greenhouse heater switch off and a clean up with some Jeyes fluid. The propagator was also cleaned ready for new seedlings in the next few weeks and more electric consumption.

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