Hamster vs Popeye

Tremendously busy at the moment. Picked up three new web sites last week – all very interesting and varied – I worked out on Sunday night i’ve currently got over 20 live projects bubbling around which is good fun.

My being busy wasn’t helped by I.T. ‘issues’ – I was trying to re-install an old Dell machine and bring it back into service but could I a. find the original disks and b. reinstall XP from another disk – tried everything – the final straw was when I finally dug out a later copy of XP it couldn’t find the keyboard – upgraded load of bios stuff still couldn’t find it, found a PS2 keyboard, to no avail – then another old Dell I recently brought back gave up the ghost and so I just bought two PC’s later on Wednesday night!! Also bought a couple of Windows 7 licences – just going to give that Dell one last go…

I’ve been going back to Trading Depot on a regular basis again – they’ve really grown in the last couple of years – I’ve been working on the project for four years now – though its only been launched for around 3 years. Its just great being able to just sit down and concentrate on one thing all day – then listen to voicemails on the journey home!!

Finally got round to booking Martin’s stag do – I swore I’d never fly on Ryanair again – and I really don’t trust them. Cocked up a name slightly so went to do name change – £100 – phoned up the premium rate number and explained it was a time out error as making calls as the cost kept going up so had to check with Martin and hence why spelt wrong – she put it right. Still haven’t had a confirmation email yet.

Saturday was hockey day as usual. Played for the 3’s and I was really looking forward to it. However, there were 14 players and lets just say I didn’t enjoy it – we went to the sports club quiz night in the evening and think I bored the pants of my team of why I didn’t enjoy it – apologies for that. Better not explain too much here. Not playing this week as Ash and family are down – but after the game I just wanted to put on my hitsports ‘not available’ for the rest of the season.

Good news on the hockey club front though – it was announced at the quiz that some sort of planning has been given for Newland Park and more specifically for the double astro – it was either conditional or outline or something like that… Very exciting and something I’ve personally worked on and off for for over 10 years. I can take no credit for the current project though – a few club individuals have worked unbelievably hard to get us to where we are now – though the journey is now only just beginning.

Sunday was by contrast a great day. Got up and after a full english breakfast (bacon, mushrooms, fried egg, fried potato, tomatoes etc) got out into the garden and with Jamie’s help moved the greenhouse back to where it was a year ago and began smashing up the decking ready to bury the mountain of rubble you can see in the photo above. Speaking of which we had a lovely afternoon with Al, Catherine and Cash. Al has opened a book on how long the new hamster ‘dusty’ will survive in the house with Popeye. She arrived on Monday and is living in her new home in the hallway. Tried to Skype Annie but wasn’t there – sorry about that Annie – thought it would be fun to all catch up. Also got some good photos of us playing pin the tail on the donkey – after a bottle of port of course…

Went to the parent’s evenings, sorry consultations last Thursday – pretty good overall. Rebecca is improving which is good news and Jamie is kind and considerate. Rebecca is on the verge of losing her top two teeth which means she can’t eat apples any more, but strangely manages sweets…

Interesting that this blog post will appear within about 15 minutes in the Blogger RSS / atom feed, but takes almost 24 hours – normally around 17 – to appear in Facebook. Automated the Trading Depot twitter feed and blogs into their Facebook last week – so they don’t have to touch Facebook. I have got a Twitter account but have absolutely no time to do anything with it.