Open Spaces, Car radio, weekend

Went to my last open spaces meeting on Monday. I’m still a bit disappointed I haven’t enough time to carry on as I do enjoy it. At the meeting we talked about the haywardens being asked to mow the St Joseph’s grounds (at a commercial rate), the play equipment and the fact that a group of parents want to try and do something about the Gold Hill play area (they were taken aback apparently when told the cost of new equipment!).

Sarah’s Dad is doing well at the moment. He had his operation on Monday and was brought round yesterday and was in good spirits last night – Sarah has been going up each night to London to visit him – so we are all very pleased about that.

I bought a new car stereo last week as I haven’t been able to receive FM since I bought the car – and it has a DAB radio in it. Its the first time I’ve heard one – and I was looking forward to the constant crackle free quality of DAB radio. Obviously I haven’t read the manual yet, but all it does if flick between DAB and FM if the signal isn’t strong enough – and it is really annoying. At least I can sort of listen to the radio now anyway.

Rebecca and James are doing very well at the moment. James is now able to walk severeal steps at a time – last night we watched him walk half way across the play room – with open mouths!! It is his birthday this Easter Weekend so that will be good – though obviously the family get together will have to be postponed for a couple of months. I am sure as well that when he is asking for sarah he is saying mumma, and dadda for me – before I just thought it was conincidence but this morning he said it differently each time he went to one of us… Rebecca’s conversation is now very good. She has a few spots on her at the moment and we were wondering if she has chicken pox but there doesn’t seem to be enough. Anyway, we are looking forward to spending a long weekend with them this weekend – no plans as yet though my knees are both on their way down after a bad end to last week and start to this..

Here is James taking his life in his hands playing with Popeye:

The Google update has happened as predicted – though it doesn’t appear to have fed through to the .uk results yet – and my web sites have done pretty well – Cater For You is back at number one for just about every search term again – a busy summer coming up. We’ve just increased the warehouse space to cope as well and looking to take another person on.